Aksept og verdibasert atferdsterapi (ACT; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

FACT Masterclass

Vi er stolte av å kunne avslutte treningsprogrammet med en 3-dagers FACT Masterclass med Kirk Strosahl, PhD og Patricia Robinson, PhD. Her er en beskrivelse av workshop'en:

Master Class in Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

June 4-6, 2020


This master class will begin a brief review of FACT principles and practices. Then, participants will engage in skill practice exercises designed to promote fluency in brief assessment and intervention. There are three reasons to attend this powerful and practical workshop:


1. FACT, where the “f” stands for focus, helps clinicians focus clinical therapeutic interactions on the “present moment” where unworkable rules can be reframed to inspire greater variability in a client’s behavior. Attend this workshop to super-charge your skills for promoting change in clients who attend many sessions but make few changes in their behavior.


2. FACT, also known as “fast” ACT, helps clinicians make a difference in a patient’s life before they drop out of treatment. All too often, clinicians feel frustrated because clients are not motivated to participate in treatments requiring multiple appointments. This workshop prepares clinicians to intervene in the first session.


3. Leave this workshop able to teach FACT to others. Many times, clinicians attend a workshop and leave smiling because it made them “feel good”. That’s not enough to make a difference in practice. This workshop provides clinicians with a user-friendly method, the C.A.R.E approach, for explaining FACT to colleagues and clients.


And what do people say about Kirk and Patti’s workshops?


Kirk Strosahl and Patti Robinson are at the cutting edge of moving ACT processes

in brief intervention moments. It is an essential ACT skill and there is no one better to

teach it.


Steven C. Hayes
Foundation Professor 

Behavior Analysis Program
Department of Psychology /298
University of Nevada
Reno, NV 89557-0062


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